Sledding Policy


Dear Valued Owner,

Please note that it is Sunday River’s policy that we do not allow, nor encourage, sledding on any part of our beautiful mountain resort.  Sadly, there have been multiple fatalities within the ski industry in the past few years because of sledding at ski areas.  Thus, we will no longer allow sleds of any kind in individual condominium units in rental or anywhere on property.

If there is a sled in your unit permanently, our team will store it at the front desk for you to take home with you. You may keep them in your lockers to use off-site only.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you for helping to make our guest experience a safe one.


Jenny Gray

Director of Owner Services and Spa


Joelle Silver

Owner Services Support

Jordan Hotel Rooms Division Manager

Update to Space Available Procedures

Space Available

Thank you for being loyal owners and guests of Sunday River. You are each an important part of what makes Sunday River such a special place!

Beginning November 1st we will be reinstating our regular Space Available procedures.  This means all requests should be made within 72 hours of when you would like to arrive.  We do not allow same day bookings after 2pm, or walk-ins. You will be offered a unit of equal size, or smaller, than what you own, and can stay a total of 3 days in a room at a time with up to 6 days total stay (with a change of room in the middle).

Please know you will find all updates on whether or not we are offering space available here, not at the old owners website on

To request Space Available:

  1. You must use the space available request form found under the Space Available link on the home page. (please fill out each section fully, and please include the email address you would like us to contact you at, in the comments section)
  2. It cannot be your week
  3. You must be fully paid up in your dues


Space Available, and unit availability is based on management’s discretion.

Thank you all for all of your continued support.

Jenny Gray
Director of Owner Services


Fall Lodging Operations Update


Many things have changed since March 15, and will continue to in the coming months. I would like to thank the Grand Summit Owners for your patience and understanding as our operations in the hotel have evolved. You will recall in an update from the Grand Summit Homeowners Association that the Grand Summit would continue to welcome owners during this business interruption, Space Available was expanded, and unfortunately there was no demand for retail reservations. All of that is still the case, but we have some good news to share about group business.

Recently, the sales team at Sunday River has been able to contract a group that will be staying in the hotel through the month of October. We don’t know exactly how many rooms they will need, but our best information at this time is up to 40 rooms per night. The rooms will be assigned based on the system we have always had in place, which is a rotation in the Springer Miller system based on owners in good standing who have their units in the rental program.

This group business allows us to plan ahead; we will know before they arrive how many rooms they will need and can properly plan labor, maintenance and supplies associated with additional reservations. This group business will allow us to continue our focus on savings by limiting whole hotel system usage. This will allow us continued savings in electric, propane, and labor costs. We will continue to remain unavailable for general retail reservations until interest increases. This opportunity allows us an ideal transition back to normal operations as winter approaches.

We anticipate that the pool and fitness room will see an increase of use during October. Current capacity limits for these locations will remain and we ask that everyone please continue to call ahead for availability. Beginning October 1, the pool will return to the standard operating hours of 10AM-10PM to help with the increased traffic. Stay happy, healthy, and hopeful during these times.

Warm regards,

Bryan Kendall
Grand Summit General Manager