Would you, Could you, in an Igloo?

Preferred Last Run Room Reservations for Owners Available

The Last Run Room is open and ready to welcome the Grand Summit owners for a unique and tasty outdoor dining experience. The Last Run Room features a menu for apres-ski from the chef behind The Mountain Room and The Rooms in Portland.

Owners are welcome to dine in an igloo for après, first come first serve, from 3-5pm.

However, to guarantee an igloo, Owners can make priority reservations for 5pm on when they book two weeks in advance. Igloos can accommodate 4-6 guests comfortably. Reservations are available Thursday through Sunday on a first come first serve basis.

Please contact Owner Services to make your preferred Owner igloo reservation at Last Run Room!

Email: ownerservices@sundayriver.com Phone (207)824-5307

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