Grand Summit Hotel Spring Operations Schedule

Hello from Sunday River!

As we approach the end of a winter season that was like no other, I wanted to send my sincere gratitude for your dedication to the Grand Summit Hotel and Sunday River. It was a pleasure to meet many of you at the hotel and I look forward to getting to know more of you during the upcoming season.

We are starting to plan for the spring, summer and fall seasons ahead. The Grand Summit Hotel will only be open to owners and BVC/RCI exchange guests from May 23 to June 24. During this time we will be focusing on lowering operating expenses for the Association and Sunday River and also completing some much needed spring cleaning and maintenance in the rooms and around the hotel.  Historically, this has been a very low occupancy time for transient guests at the hotel and a spring shut down period has worked well at other Boyne Resorts lodging properties.

We already have our spring project list started and our maintenance and housekeeping teams will be doing a thorough, top to bottom, inspection of each room.  However, if you have any specific items you would like addressed please complete our Maintenance Request Form –  

Please contact me directly with any questions. I am always happy to assist! Thank you again for your continued support of Sunday River and the Grand Summit Hotel.

Kind regards,

Meredith Harrop

Vice President of Lodging

Jordan Hotel GM

Sunday River Resort

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