• What are the hours of Owner Services?

Owner services is staffed 7 days a week 8:30am to 4:30pm. There is always someone available to help answer questions at the front desk of your owned property as well.

  • How do I make an owner reservation?

Complete the Quarter Share Calendar and return to Owner Services. A new Calendar is sent
out early spring every year. Your owned unit will default to rental if no calendar is received.
You may email or call the Owner Service team at any time to make changes. Reservation additions will be honored only if it is possible to move any existing guest bookings.

  • For whom can I make an owner reservation?

Owners can make reservations for whomever they wish as long as it is their owned week and
they are not charging a nightly rate for the guest to stay in their unit. Owner must provide the
name of a guest prior to check-in. Guest must show a valid ID at check-in.

  • Is there a fee for an owner reservation?

Yes, there is a daily housekeeping fee. The amount of the housekeeping fee depends on the
type of unit you own and the duration of your stay. These fees are listed on the bottom of your
quarter share calendar. Housekeeping will come into the unit daily to make beds, tidy up, and
provide towels if needed. *Daily fees will apply regardless if you utilize housekeeping

  • What time is check in? Check out?

Check-in time is 5:00 PM winter weekends (including Friday arrivals) and holidays. Check-in
time is 4:00 PM midweek/non holiday periods and summer. Check-out time is 10:30 AM. You
may contact the Front Desk prior to arrival to check the status of your unit. If your unit is ready,
you may check in early. You may also request a late check-out the day of departure by calling
the front desk. A late check-out is only offered if occupancy levels allow and must be approved
by the manager.

  • Where do I check-in for my reservation?

You will check-in at the Front Desk of your owned property. At check-in, you will be asked to
give a credit/debit card for a $50 authorization. If no charges are made during your stay, your
card will not be charged for anything other than housekeeping fees associated with your stay.
We do recommend using a credit card vs. a debit card.

  • Is there parking available?

Parking is provided at both hotels. You may pick up a parking sticker for your vehicle at the
Front Desk of your owned property. We ask that you place your parking sticker in the right or left
hand corner of your front windshield.

  • How do I get access to my owner’s ski locker?

When you check-in for the first time, the Front Desk will give you directions to your locker. The
key to your unit will also give you access to the owners locker area. You will need to provide
your own lock for the locker. One locker per deeded unit is provided.

  • When are rental checks sent out?

Lodging accounting closes owned accounts monthly on the last Sunday of each month. If your unit was rented, you will receive rental income 30 days following the last Sunday of the month. It is always good idea to keep a copy of your statement for income tax purposes. For taxes, you will need to know total owner usage days and total number of days rented.

  • I was told my unit was rented but reservation never actualized? What happened?

Please remember that reservations are always in a constant state of flux and as a result, rental
income is never guaranteed. Guest may cancel, upgrade, downgrade, move units, shorten stay,
etc. at any time.

  • When are my Association Dues to be paid?

You will receive a bill quarterly: May 1st, August 1st, November 1st, & February 1st. Payment
should be received no more than 30 days from statement date. Check should be made out to
your Hotel Association, i.e. Grand Summit Hotel HOA or Jordan HOA. You may also call
Owner Services and pay with a credit card..

  • Can I apply my rental checks towards my Association Dues?

Yes! Enclosed is an Assignment of Rental Income Agreement. This program is designed to assist owners in paying their association dues. If you choose to participate, we will apply your rental income towards your association dues. You will still receive a check stub and statement in the mail. This is a voluntary program and you may opt out at any time.

  • Why am I required to fill out a W-9 or W-8?

The information on your W-9 is needed to process your rental checks and year-end income information. If a unit has more than 1 owner, the W-9 will need to be filled out by whom will receive
the rental checks. A W-8 will be need for all owners who reside outside of the Untied States.

  • What Timeshare Trading programs are affiliated with my unit?

As a Hotel Owner, you’re eligible to join our partners, Resort Condominiums International – RCI
and Boyne Vacation Club/Interval International – BVC. Please visit http://www.RCI.com and
http://www.boyneresorts.com/BoyneVacationClub for information regarding membership and to join
either of these programs. Fees apply but are dependent upon the program. You will also find
links to both of these programs on the owner’s website.

  • Are pets allowed?

We understand the importance of your pet, however pets are not allowed in the Grand Summit
Hotel or Jordan Hotel. Pet boarding is available in the area.

  • Can I upgrade to a larger unit?

All units are deeded. That means your owned weeks are particular to the purchased unit. During
un-owned weeks, Space Available stays (when available) allow for use of equivalent, or smaller
units. There are no upgrades through the Space Available program.