Crown Club Renovation Update

The complete renovation of the owners’ Crown Club, that started in mid-October, is nearing completion. Below are some pictures of the construction progress. Scroll through, first, the slide show and then take a glance at the side-by-side progress snapshots below. To date, the following upgrades have been made:

  • One entry door removed to allow for additional seating, new door installed.
  • Transition between the “library” room and main room enlarged to allow for a more open floor plan
  • New paint, carpet and kitchen flooring installed
  • New sliding doors to deck installed
  • New kitchen appliances (we added a full kitchen with a full refrigerator and oven!)
  • New kitchen cabinetry and kitchen island installed (it’s perfect for gatherings!)
  • New lighting installed
  • New energy efficient, heating unit installed

Up next on the to do list:

  • Finish trim work and final carpentry details
  • Install new furniture, artwork and decor
  • New TV installation

We are so excited to welcome owners to the NEW Crown Club in the near future. Stay tuned for Grand Opening details and invitations!

New Flooring Throughout the Space
New Sliding Doors Installed and Brighter Color Pallet Throughout
New Ceiling Detail
New Full Kitchen and Kitchen Island

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